Getting Rid of the Fire Ant Sting

There are various kinds of fire ants, but the most common and most aggressive of them all is the red imported fire ants. They are reddish-brown in color and measures about 1/8 inches. These red imported fire ants live in colonies in the ground and would eventually create a mound of dirt. The red imported fire ant’s nests can be found usually on playgrounds, in pastures, on lawns, in fields and even in parks. Some of them will even create their nests in building walls.

Fire Ants


When stung by a fire ant, a sharp and burning pain will be felt. If, on the other hand, the stung was because the person steps on a fire ant mound, he or she may get stung many times at the same time because they are disturbed at the very place that they are collectively living at then they will attack collectively as well. Each of these stings will become an itchy blister over the next 24 hours.

Here are some tips given by a pest control Houston company in case you get stung by these notorious creatures.

  1. When stung by a fire ant, take action immediately because the sting of a fire ant may cause swelling up and a doctor will need to check for possible allergic reactions. Occasionally, an allergic reaction similar with that of a bee sting may happen and there may be symptoms of breathing difficulties and the tightness of the chest or the throat.
  1. Normally, however, one can simply wash the stung area with soap and water then apply some ice on it. But if redness, swelling and itching of the site of the sting occurs one should immediately check with a doctor. The doctor will then diagnose from observation and tests whether you are experiencing an allergic reaction, and if so, he may in turn prescribe some medications to control the swelling and to ease the itchiness.
  1. Aside from knowing all of these, it is best to avoid getting bitten by avoiding their mound altogether. Also, by keeping your shoes while playing or working near fire ant mounds. If you come across their mounds do not poke at it or hit it. Do not put any unprotected part of your body near it and do not touch it.

Disturbing a fire ant mound will only alarm them and force them to bite anything that is a threat to them both as a defensive reaction and one done in retaliation. For more information about pest control Houston, visit


On Pesticides and Chemical Poisoning

There is a valid reason why insecticides, pesticides, and other dangerous substances are labeled with the sentence “Keep out of reach of children”. However, while this warning is directed to children, even adults should be mindful in carrying and using these substances as they can cause chemical poisoning when not handled with caution.

When a person suffers from chemical or pesticide poisoning, the following symptoms may be observed: blurred vision, salivation, constriction of pupils, profuse sweating, nausea, muscle in-coordination, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pains, and tightness in the chest.

To prevent the risk of chemical poisoning, the following practices as suggested by pest control Houston company should be observed.

1. Always wash fruits and vegetables in running water before consuming. When feasible, use a soft brush when washing. Specifically remove the outer leaves of cabbages as these are the layers that have been most exposed to harmful insecticides and pesticides.

2. Unless those you buy have been certified as coming from organic farms, chances are, the fruits and vegetable on your table are contaminated with pesticides. Most modern agricultural farms have adopted the use of pesticides in order to reduce the damage that can be caused by the infestation of insects and molds and to help slow down maturity especially for products that need to be transported.

3. Stay as far away as possible during fumigation. Allow at least three hours for chemicals to settle and ensure that the area that has been fumigated is properly ventilated before returning.

4. Keep harmful chemicals and home-use pesticides properly stored in places where children cannot reach them. Ensure that caps and covers are in place to prevent spilling and to prevent children from using, playing, or worse, ingesting harmful chemicals.

5. Carefully read labels and precautionary requirements, as well as, expiration dates before using any pesticides and chemicals in order to prevent misuse and abuse of chemicals.

It is always better to be safe than sorry. Make sure to follow the guideline above to prevent any risk of chemical and pesticide poisoning. Learn more safety guideline about pest control Houston when you visit

Houston Pest Control Tips: Keeping the Pests Away

Are the pests in your garden really bugging you? Keep in mind these Houston pest control tips and keep those pests away your lovely garden.

Having your own garden has tons of benefits for the whole household. It provides oxygen for the lungs and brings a steady supply of fruits, herbs, flowers, and vegetables for the family. Moreover, the green color not only livens up a dull home, but is good for the eyesight as well.

General Pest Control

However, along with the benefits, a garden brings with it pests! And these pests come in different shapes, sizes, and forms including worms, aphids, and mosquitoes to name a few. These pests may be very bugging, but do not let them stop you from having and keeping your own garden. The following are some helpful tips to keep those pests away from your lovely garden.

1. To increase the circulation of air, prune the plants regularly.
2. Inspect each leaf for pests regularly and remove the affected area to prevent damaging the plant further.
3. Trim the grass of your garden regularly.
4. If possible, plant pepper and marigold flowers because these plants are natural pest repellants.
5. To prevent the growth of molds and the breeding of mosquitoes, get rid of any stagnant water. Don’t put containers where water can be collected.
6. If you happen to have a small pond in your garden, place some colorful fishes such as kois. Colorful fishes will not only add color and drama to your garden, but will eat the larvae and eggs of most insects, as well.
7. To get rid of unwanted larvae eggs, make sure to let the pond water overflow once in a while.
8. As much as possible, do not use pesticides. It will only cause damage to you and your plants when used improperly.
9. Use natural insect repellants such as mild chili mixture that emits a strong odor, warding off insects.

These are some of the effective ways in doing Houston pest control. For more advice and tips, consult with the leaders of pest control in Houston by visiting their website at

Pest Inspection Procedure for Real Estate Agents

If you are a real estate agent and you want to achieve total customer satisfaction, you need to make sure that the property you are selling is spic and span – especially in terms of pest invasion. It is common for a property to be infested by pests when no one resides in it for a long time.

The job of the real estate agent is to make sure that the property is worth residing in and safe from pests. In this case, the help of pest contractors are essential. Know the process of real estate transaction inspection in Houston pest management, and see why pest contractors are important for the job.

Pest Control for Real Estate

Two Parts of Real Estate Transaction Inspection

Generally, the whole property has to be inspected by a professional. This is in lieu with the guidelines set by the authorities of ensuring that a property is safe to reside in. There are two parts needed for the process which is included in Section I and Section II.

The Section I is focused on thorough examination of the property for signs of infestations, infections, and other conditions. The professionals will determine any evidence of pest presence in dry woods, trails, and other surfaces. As quoted by the Hayward inspection report, “Section I contains items where there is evidence of active infestation, infection, or conditions that have resulted in or from active infestation or infection.”

The Section II is described as, “items are conditions deemed likely to lead to infestation or infection but where no visible evidence of such was found.” This does not need any clearance; but to make sure that the property will never be infested by termites in the future, it is better to have it fixed.

The whole inspection has to be carried out by efficient inspectors. You also need to be present in every step of the inspection, so you will know the exact location and severity of the pest invasions. This is also essential in determining the cost of the pest control services and adjusting the listing price for your own advantage. To know more about Houston pest management, visit